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As it says - a random assortment of recent photos in and around Cambridge. For browsing purposes really.

Prints from this album are not available for purchase.

Messing around with Christmas tree lights
Dandelion Kiss
On the tarmac at Duxford Air Museum
Golden oldie at Duxford Air Museum
The legendary SR-71 Blackbird Spyplane
Testbed Concorde at Duxford Air Museum
Engine detail from an F-4 at Duxford Air Museum
Bald Eagle at a local zoo
Bald Eagle at a local zoo
Fennec Fox at a local zoo
Taken on the magic roundabout
St John's Chapel - experimenting with new polarising filters
St. Johns, again with the polarising filters
They get everywhere...
Sri Lankan Leopard at a local zoo
Sri Lankan Leopard at a local zoo
Sri Lankan Leopard at a local zoo
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Date added: 10th February 2009
Date taken: 2008-2009
Categories: Cambridge Colleges, Cambridge Life, Cambridge Views, Flowers, Landscapes, People, Travel, Wildlife
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